Bessere Compliance Ihrer Daten bringt beruhigende Sicherheit


Section 1

Where Is Your Data Right Now?

We live in an age of Big Data. Today, companies are producing more information than ever before – data that’s critical to their business success. And it’s growing exponentially. Over the next 21 pages, we’ll look at why it’s so important you know where your data is at any given time. And we’ll provide practical suggestions of things you can do to take control.

Sadly, incidents of data loss (due to mainly technical reasons) and breaches (due to malicious activity) are still commonplace. 42% of small and mid-sized businesses have lost confidential information at some stage. (Source: Symantec survey 2010.) Reports from the Ponemon Institute’s ‘2011 Cost of a Data Breach Study’ reveal that negligence is the cause of around a third of data breaches in the UK, France and Germany:

• In the UK, 36% of data breaches involved negligent employees or contractors (this was the #1 cause)

• In France, a lower percentage (30%) of breaches involved negligent employees or contractors – however, 26% were due to IT and business process failures

• Germany saw the highest percentage (38%) of data breaches involving negligent employees or contractors but fewer (19%) were due to an IT or business process failure Often, of course, issues with securing your data only come to light when something goes badly wrong (by which time it can be both difficult and timeconsuming to recover from). However, increasingly, it is internal and regulatory audits that highlight key failings.

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